Why I Stopped Sweeping My Kitchen, and Started Using This Vacuum On Every Surface Instead

Investing in a cordless vacuum is one of the best things I've ever done for my kitchen cleaning fatigue.

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There's a good chance that you, like me, were raised believing that part of cleaning up the kitchen at the end of the day was a good sweep with a broom to get all the crumbs off the floor. There's also a good chance that you, like me, grew up in a house with a vacuum, which was never used to do that end-of-day kitchen floor cleaning.

For a long time, I accepted the use of a broom in the kitchen – you can't get food in a vacuum, I told myself. It's very inconvenient to pull out a whole vacuum for just a quick floor cleaning, I thought. I never critically considered these rules, but I did often find myself annoyed by the inability of a broom to really get all those small dust particles and bits of dirt off the floor. It's kind of an unspoken truth that a broom and dustpan always leave that smallest sliver of dirt behind, right? I chose to ignore that problem for years, until I got a cordless vacuum.

Bringing a cordless vacuum into my life changed everything for me. The excuses I made for brooms suddenly made little sense – with a cordless vacuum, it's literally less work to run than a broom and dustpan. Food is no match for my cordless vacuum, (or for its warranty). I use it every evening without fail, and my floor stays considerably cleaner in between mopping than it used to. But it's not just about the floor.

Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner

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After a baking project that has effectively coated my kitchen in flour, I run the vacuum on my island and surrounding areas to get up that first layer of dry crumbs and flour. Most Dyson vacuums (my preferred brand) come with a handful of attachments that are great for this. I use the mini motorized head or the stubborn dirt brush – a non-motorized attachment with super stiff bristles that provide a little bit of scrubbing power. It prevents that gross gummy layer that forms when I use a damp sponge on a flour-coated surface, and honestly, it's extremely satisfying to watch every stray bit of sugar and random chocolate chip get sucked up without a second thought.

Mother vacuum cleaning while carrying toddler son

I also use the vacuum to clean my stove. I live in a rental with a gas range, and there's a small space between the edge of the countertop and the edge of the stove. Lots of – well, stuff – gets in there, teasing me as it grows ever grosser. My vac's crevice tool easily accesses the crumb pit, pulling up all the bits and pieces. I also use it to grab dried up bits of food, stray salt crystals, and whatever else gets on my stove before wiping it down. I literally don't even have to remove the grates, which makes me way less likely to put off the task.

After a year where I've spent so much time in my own kitchen, the annoyance of cleaning up has never felt more acute to me. I never want to see another sponge in my life. All the one-pot dishes and 5-ingredient meals in the world can't prevent me from having to clean my kitchen, so investing in a tool that makes that clean-up so much easier was absolutely worth it for me. It's time to ditch the broom and dustpan. It's 2021 – we have self-driving cars and phones that recognize our faces. Technology has moved on, and I'm happy to as well.

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