By Kimberly Holland
September 11, 2019

Philly fans, this one's for you.

McDonald's Shamrock Shake has returned to some of the chain's restaurants this month. But seeing as the calendar says September, you'd be forgiven if you're confused why a pastel St. Patrick's Day treat is back on the menu in the final days of summer.

The minty green sipper is being offered exclusively at McDonald's locations in Philadelphia in honor of the Philadelphia Eagles and the restaurant's joint campaign with the team called "Stomp, Scream, and Shake."

Photo: McDonald's

This is the sixth year Philly-area McD's have offered "the Eagles' favorite shake" to fans. It shows up on menus around the start of the season and is gone by mid-October. (This year, the shake will be offered until October 18.)

The milkshake, much like the Eagles, isn't for everyone, but devout fans will be ecstatic to see the reappearance, even if it's only for a short time.

So why the the City of Brotherly Love and not, say, Seattle, which uses blue and green as team colors? Or imagine how well a green shake would sell for The Pack up in Green Bay. Surely other cities would welcome a comeback, too.

It turns out, Philadelphia and McDonald's have a close connection. The Shamrock Shake was first sold in Philadelphia and was known as the St. Patrick's Day Milkshake.

What's more, Philly is the birthplace of the Ronald McDonald House, McDonald's charitable extension that helps house families of pediatric cancer patients while the child is undergoing treatment.

So even if devotees of the Dallas Cowboys or fans of New York's Giants choose to turn their nose up at the drink that honors a foe, surely enough people will be happy to see the shake make a return, even if it means needing to say a curt "Go Birds" as they sip that sweet minty shake.