By Leslie Kelly
November 11, 2015

Creamy rice pudding broke the internet last week. OK, so that's a major stretch, but this Old School dessert usually associated with Grandma was the No. 1 search term that brought people to, craving advice on how to make that homey comfort food treat.

Who doesn't crave creamy rice pudding? Photo by Meredith Publishing

But why was creamy rice pudding blowing up all of a sudden? When all things s'mores exploded a few months ago, it was in the middle of summer camping season and the nostalgia for those gooey goodies made sense, timing wise. When chefs do crazy things with mac-n-cheese, it always stirs up interest, because, well... it's mac-n-cheese. Same thing goes for over-the-top burgers and pizza topping mashups. Creamy rice pudding, on the other hand, seems almost stubbornly old-fashioned, impossible to update in a sexy way for any kind of food porn photo session.

Still, that might be exactly what people are craving as the weather turns nasty and the days grow shorter, a sensible something to look forward to at the end of a meal, something that's as satisfying as ice cream without the big chill factor. Maybe the appeal of creamy rice pudding is that despite what you might guess, there are tons of variations on the basic recipe.


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