By Carl Hanson

You don't need a bacon-scented mustache to love the smell of bacon frying in the pan.

Bacon Mustache
Bacon Mustache

Your love can't be wrong, bacon lover, when it smells so right. And the truth is, you've got science on your side.

Yes, the smart eggs at Compound Interest were good enough to explain why our nostrils just can't turn away. It's all about how the, uh, -- well, let's let them explain.

Aroma Chemistry The Aroma of Bacon
Aroma Chemistry The Aroma of Bacon

How to Make Homemade Bacon

I understand, after a science lesson, you need bacon. Are you a DIYer? This could be for you.

Bacon Explosion

Or maybe you're the enemy of subtlety. Boom.

Dark chocolate Bacon Cupcakes

Possibly you would prefer your bacon for dessert.

Bacon All Day

Just a few of our favorite bacon recipes, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.