Who's Up For a Hasselback Holiday Feast?

If you're a fan of those cleverly carved potatoes that bake up crisp, yet creamy, why not extend those knife skills to cover the entire menu? We're talking about a full-on, everything hasselback holiday feast, inspired by a new recipe from Chef John for Hasselback Turkey. Here's the menu:

The Star Attraction

High fives to Chef John for figuring out a novel way to combine turkey and stuffing by tucking the savory dressing into the slices of a breast. Watch the video below to get the full demo, start to golden, glorious finish.

Stuffed Hasselback Turkey Breast

After slicing the turkey, season and fill each slice with stuffing, brush with butter, and bake. "Much easier than a traditional roast turkey," says Chef John. "This sliced and stuffed turkey breast takes far less time than a whole bird, and it's perfect for an everyday or holiday dinner for a smaller group." See how it's done!

On the Side

The supporting cast is going to include those terrific taters, along with an amazing hasselbacked butternut squash. And don't miss these cheesy Hasselback Biscuits.

Fabienne's Hasselback Potatoes

"These potatoes present really well with crispy edges with centers as creamy as mashed potatoes," says Fabienne Riesen. "A must try!"

Fabienne's Hasselback Potatoes
Photo by Fabienne Riesen.

Sweet and Savory Hasselback Butternut Squash

"The glaze creates a smoky caramelized topping, and the cranberries and pistachios add tartness and crunch," says Angela Sackett Superhotmama. "It's amazing in flavor, and it makes a gorgeous, elegant side."

Sweet and Savory Hasselback Butternut Squash
Angela Sackett Superhotmama

And a Gorgeous Final Course

While apples and pumpkins top the most wanted list for holiday desserts, don't forget about pears. This firm fruit proves to be pretty perfect when it comes to making the hasselback cut for this beautiful Hasselback Pear Tart. Pro tip: Buy them a few days in advance and place the pears in a brown paper bag in a warm, dry place to ripen. Test the neck, near the stem, before slicing. It should give way a little bit.

hasselback-pear-tart-1 Hasselback Pear Tart by Nicholio on Allrecipes
Hasselback Pear Tart.

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