Prime members, stick your fangs into this deal.

Aside from the inevitable sugar crash, nothing should scare you more on Halloween than figuring out dinner plans. Who has time to cook? Who, moreover, has the guts to swap a kid's supper for straight sugar? *Shudders*

Whole Foods Frozen Pizza Sale 2019

Never fear. Whole Foods has you covered thanks to a frightfully delightful deal. Prime members can get 50 percent all frozen pizzas right now. Yes, that includes gluten-free and dairy-free options, too.

You can trust that these pizzas live up to the grocer's standards and those of the pickiest ghosts and goblins. Plus, pizza rounds out copious amounts of candy quite well.

Oh, and just in case your (or your trick-or-treater's) pizza craving outlasts your candy, the sale lasts till November 5.