You Can Have A Romantic Valentine's Day Date at These Fast Food Restaurants

Now, this is the kind of Valentine's Day dinner I can get on board with.

Waffle House
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Still looking for Valentine's Day plans? Well, we just found our two new favorite options. Instead of heading to a crowded, likely overpriced restaurant, why not treat your sweetheart to a Valentine's Day dinner they'll never forget? One at their favorite fast food restaurant.

This year, both Waffle House and White Castle are offering romantic Valentine's Day dates at their respective restaurants. And they're pulling out all the stops for the big night—including tablecloths, special menu items, and even table-side service in one case.

Reservations are required for both events, so read on for details on what exactly these restaurants are offering, as well as how to save your spot.

How to Plan a Valentine's Day Date Night at Waffle House

Valentine's Day is the only time Waffle House takes reservations—unless, of course, you're Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who (now famously) reserved a table after his first playoff win.

During the evening, select Waffle House locations across the U.S. dim the lights and serve up a special Valentine's Day menu. The romantic setting is made complete by white tablecloths and even candles on the tables.

More than 175 Waffle House locations across 23 states participate in the special Valentine's Day dinner. To make reservations, you'll have to call the participating location and speak with the employee designated on Waffle House's site.

How to Plan a Valentine's Day Date Night at White Castle

White Castle's fan-favorite Valentine's Day dinner is back after a two-year hiatus.

At 4 p.m. on December 14, participating White Castle locations will transform from fast food joints into full table service restaurants complete with hostess seating, themed decor, and even a special menu.

White Castle is bringing back its Love Cube meal, which includes eight cheese sliders, two shareable sides and two small soft drinks. While customers can obviously choose their soft drink, White Castle recommends the special Sprite Love Castle Potion, which is a combination of lemon-lime, cherry and vanilla sodas that will only be available on February 14.

And, because Valentine's Day is all about sweet treats, White Castle will have its Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake-on-a-Stick for dessert—and available for buy one, get one free for members of its "Craver Nation" program.

You can check to see if your local White Castle location is participating in the Valentine's Day event on White Castle's website. Then, you'll need to make reservations via OpenTable.

Wherever you choose to celebrate your Valentine's Day, reservations are likely to fill up quickly, so be sure to make them soon.

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