White Castle Is Bringing Sloppy Joes Back to the Menu

Just in time to brighten up what will be a dark winter!

White Castle Sloppy Joe and Nibblers
Photo: White Castle

Though the calendar may not show it until December 21, the bleak midwinter is all but upon us. With colder weather, forced hibernation, and a bleaker than normal world set to define the weeks and months to come, comfort foods will take on an even greater importance than they normally do.

If your definition of comfort food happens to involve a fast food-ified version of the Sloppy Joe, a cafeteria staple, then White Castle has some good news for you. Just in time for the coldest, loneliest part of the year, they're bringing back their Sloppy Joe Sliders for a tasty departure from their usual steamed hamburgers. Featuring beef onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers, not to mention a sweet and tangy sauce to top it all off. You want cheese? Well White Castle will throw some cheese on that bad boy, though it'll bump up the price a bit from $0.99.

Speaking of cheese, the fast food chain that inspired Harold and Kumar's pilgrimage is also bringing back their Mac & Cheese Nibblers. Fashioned into little fried triangles, a crispy exterior gives way to a creamy, cheesy interior, making it a viable way to eat mac & cheese without any utensils.

And if you happen to be a White Castle diehard who just can't get excited by the return of the regular Sloppy joe Slider anymore, maybe a new Smoky Joe Slider can fill that void in your soul. It takes that Sloppy Joe Slider, adding smoked cheddar cheese and bits of crispy onion to add a crunchy textural element to the mix.

So if you're looking to add a new dimension to your occasional White Castle craving, these cold weather comforts will be on the menu at locations through Valentine's Day 2021. So whether you just want to gorge yourself on some special sliders or you want to hoard mac & cheese bites to share with that special someone you've shared your quarantine meals with, it's time to storm the castle.

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