By Vanessa Greaves

Shorter days and colder nights are worth it when they signal the start of whiskey season. But in addition to drinking it, did you know you can eat your whiskey, too? So as you cozy up to sip on your bourbons and whiskeys, save a shot or two for these lightly tipsy treats. Cheers!

1. Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

Apples and peaches snuggle down with custard-soaked bread cubes in this old-fashioned comfort food dessert. Top with a warm, buttery whiskey sauce to completely cold-proof the night. Feel free to add raisins, chocolate chips, or toasted nuts to the mix. It's all good.

Photo by lindslor

2.Chocolate Chips Cookies with Tennessee Whiskey

Everyone loved this tipsy twist on chocolate chip cookies! Lots of reviewers said they doubled down on the whiskey and they still turned out great. You probably don't want to send these to the school bake sale, though.

Photo by naples34102

3. Funfetti® Cake Batter Rice Krispies® Treats

Maybe it's the whiskey talking, but several reviewers raved that these were the best Rice Krispie treats they'd ever had.

4. Drunken Pumpkin Seeds

Whiskey-soaked pumpkin seeds sweetened with brown sugar and smokey with bacon. Are you serious? Why, yes. And you can boil down the whiskey sauce to drizzle on the seeds after they bake. No surprise that reviewers went crazy for these.

Photo by Emily Portis

5. Chocolate Scotch Whiskey Cake

THERRERA says, "Don't be afraid of the whiskey taste being too overpowering...chocolate and whiskey are the BEST combination." She loved this so much, she even added whiskey to the frosting. Read her whole review here.

Photo by lovelyblueorchid


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