Creamy Whipped Ranch in a Can Exists—So I HAD To Try It

Is this the wacky ranch creation you didn’t know you needed?

We've got news—and I mean BIG news—for the ranch-loving community. A brand-new product has hit the market, and if ranch is your go-to sauce for anything and everything, you're going to want to get your hands on it.

What is Whipped Ranch?

Annie Campbell

Creamy Whipped Ranch is the latest product from Flip Whip—it's like if canned whipped cream and ranch dressing had a baby. The company is, "[flipping] the dip world on its head with classic flavors whipped to creamy perfection" by putting ranch dressing in that classic whipped cream can for an aerated, light, and fluffy version of classic ranch.

Sure, some might find this concept disgusting, but I was intrigued. Just think of all the whipped ranch possibilities: swirled onto baked potatoes, dolloped onto wings, sprayed over pizza slices. It's just weird enough that it could actually work.

What Does Whipped Ranch Taste Like?

So, how does it taste? Actually, delicious.

The typically rich and heavy dressing is light, fluffy, and luscious. The foamed cream comes out of the can with the exact structure as typical whipped cream, but with tiny specks of seasoning throughout. It is missing that mayo-like quality you would get from regular ranch, but it's still just as flavorful and decadent as the real stuff.

It almost feels like something you'd see on the menu at fancy French restaurant that experimented with elevated gastronomy: "Aerated buttermilk seasoned with tangy dry mustard and zesty dill flecks."

But no—it's just ranch dressing in a can.

Sure, your brain has a temporary malfunction when the light and airy cream you'd usually understand to be sweet tastes herby, salty, and slightly tangy, but once you make the brain-to-tastebud connection, it's a wonderful thing.

In fact, it looks so much like whipped cream, you could easily trick your friends into a savory surprise (with April Fool's right around the corner, the pranks practically write themselves).

This culinary innovation comes in both creamy ranch and bleu cheese flavors, but the bleu cheese wasn't a huge winner for me. These aren't found widely in stores quite yet, but they have been spotted at some Walmart locations.

This ranch whip is about as novel as it gets, but as it goes with most fun and unusual food products (R.I.P. to the days of purple ketchup and cereal straws), this one might not have too much staying power. So, if you're intrigued, grab a bottle of the cool and creamy condiment while it lasts.

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