By Carl Hanson

All across America, people are preparing winning spreads for Sunday's Big Game. But did you know, your choice of football food often depends on where you live?

Loaded Baked Potato Dip | Photo by the Gruntled Gourmet

Who Eats What, Where?

To discover which recipes people are picking across the U.S., we turned to the pros -- our own team of crack data experts at Allrecipes along with stats pulled from Google. Here's what we found. And, of course, along with the juicy details, we'll toss out some of the top-rated recipes that Americans are loving for Game Day.

Regional Battle of the Dips

When we peeked at the numbers, we found that of the most popular dip recipes picked for Super Bowl snacking, four really stand out: bean dip, seven layer dip, Buffalo chicken dip, and artichoke dip.

Buffalo Chicken Dip | Photo by Meredith

How It Breaks Down by Region:

Of the four top dips, Buffalo Chicken Dip is probably the overall champion. If you're tuning into the game from the Midwest, East Coast, or across much of the South, odds are you'll be digging into Buffalo chicken dip. But the story changes as we move into the West.

The East Coast

Basically, East of the Mississippi River, it's all Buffalo Chicken Dip. It's #1 from the tip of Maine all the way down to the Florida Keys.

The Midwest

The Midwest also goes big for Buffalo Chicken Dip, although the uniformity begins to break down as we edge further West. Once we hit South Dakota and Kansas, the top preference switches to Artichoke Dip.

The South

The South also stands strong for Buffalo Chicken Dip. With one solitary exception: Louisiana prefers Artichoke Dip.

The Mountain West

Things shift in a big way once we reach the Rocky Mountain States. Out West, only Arizona is siding with the majority of the country in picking Buffalo Chicken Dip as its top choice. If you're from New Mexico, you'll be scratching your head over Buffalo chicken dip's dominance across so many regions. Of the four dips in play, New Mexicans pick the overall winner dead last. They are clearly less than enchanted with Buffalo chicken dip in the Land of Enchantment.

Meanwhile, Artichoke Dip is #1 in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. Wyoming, Montana, and Utah are also going big for Seven Layer Dip, where it's a strong 2nd choice. Meanwhile, Idaho stands alone in preferring Bean Dip over all others. Idahoans apparently see no point in piling an extravagant 6 additional layers of flavor onto a perfectly suitable bean-dip base.

The West Coast

Out on the West Coast, Artichoke Dip leads the pack. Although out here results are fairly evenly distributed across the four popular dips, artichoke dip ranks #1 in California, Oregon and Washington -- as well as in the more-West-than-West-Coast states of Alaska and Hawaii.

Hot Artichoke and Spinach Dip | Photo by LazyFoodieGirl

Wings Over America

Beyond dips, wings are where it's at. From the East Coast to the West Coast, North to South, a deep and abiding love of Chicken Wings may be the one thing that all Americans can agree upon! Or mostly so. Outliers like Maine, Montana, and Wyoming are daring to be different, preferring Chili Recipes to wings.

Restaurant-Style Buffalo Chicken Wings | Photo by Tricia Winterle Jaeger

A Lopsided Four-Way Battle

Okay, so let's open up the recipe box a little wider. We also checked data for classic party foods like sliders, potato skins, nachos, and poppers. There was a clear winner here, too. Care to guess?

If you said "potato skins," your Boise bias may be showing. The actual winner is Nacho Recipes -- almost uniformly across the entire country. Almost.

Super Deluxe Steak Nachos | Photo by Chef John

The South

An exception to nachos' near universal reign of cheesy goodness is in the South, where Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and Arkansas are preferring Sliders, admittedly by the slimmest of margins, over Nacho Recipes.

The Midwest

Joining parts of the South, Kansas and Nebraska are also choosing Sliders to nachos. But these sliders-loving states are scattered out there few and far between, like a burger-bun archipelago surrounded by a sea of nacho cheese.

The Mountain West

Once again, Wyoming goes rogue. Yes, the contrarians who prefer chili to wings (see above) are also picking Popper Recipes over the rest of the field. Montana is also going poppers.

So while a few states do prefer sliders and poppers, the stats clearly show: It's nachos' world; we just snack in it.

Beef Sliders | Photo by lutzflcat

Super Bowl Snackdown: Massachusetts Vs. Los Angeles

So how about the two states that are home to the Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots and L.A. Rams? Well, snack-searching people from California and Massachusetts share a great deal in common, actually. Both states prefer nachos to sliders and poppers. Both go for wings over chili, although California is even more keen on wings than Massachusetts. And Buffalo Chicken Dip is big in both states, too.

So this year at least, when it comes to game-day snacks, football fans rooting for either team will just have to agree to agree. It's all good.

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