Who ate what, where?
a football-shaped dip topped with crumbled bacon and sour cream "stitching" on a green platter
Chef John's Loaded Baked Potato Dip
| Credit: Chef John

All across America, people are preparing winning spreads for the Big Game. To help plan for this year, we thought it might be fun to take a look at which recipes people picked last year. To get the stats, we turned to the pros — our own team of crack data experts at Allrecipes, along with stats pulled from Google. Here's what we found. And, of course, along with the juicy details, we'll toss out some of the top-rated recipes that Americans are loving for Game Day.

Chef John's Buffalo Chicken Dip
Buffalo Chicken Dip | Photo by Meredith

If you were tuning into last year's game from the American West, odds are you were digging into Buffalo Chicken Dip, which dominated in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Hawaii. Washington, meanwhile, bucked the trend by going for Lobster Dip. And Baked Nachos enchanted sports fans in New Mexico. Nachos were also the top choice in New Jersey.

Texas went all in for Seven Layer Dip, which was also the single most popular Super Bowl food in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Idaho, and the Carolinas. In fact, Seven Layer Dip was the top choice in some of America's largest cities from coast to coast, including New York City, Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco.

Buffalo Chicken Dip made an East Coast comeback in Florida. Louisiana went for Beer Cheese Dip (Alaska did too), while the Pelican State's neighbor to the north, Arkansas, preferred Blue Cheese Dip, which was also tops in Delaware and Maryland.

Seven Layer Dip II
Seven Layer Dip II
| Credit: Allrecipes Magazine

Beyond dips, the country keyed in on Cocktail Weenies, which were the most popular Super Bowl food in Colorado, Nebraska, and much of the Midwest, dominating in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Indiana. Cocktail Weenies were also the top choice in Virginia, Tennessee, and Connecticut. The Dakotas, meanwhile, were split between Cocktail Wieners (North) and Cocktail Meatballs (South).

cocktail wieners in chipotle orange sauce in a white dish
Instant Pot® Cocktail Wieners with Smoky Chipotle-Orange Sauce
| Credit: bd.weld

The Northeast proved to be Garlic Parmesan Wings territory — they were the #1 choice in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Garlic Parmesan Wings were also the top choice in West Virginia. Baked Hot Wings were the most popular choice in Wyoming, and BBQ Wings soared over Big Sky Country, Montana.

Another very popular choice was Loaded Potato Skins, which proved the top snack in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, and New York. Meanwhile, Beef sliders were tops in Oregon, Kansas, and Kentucky.

And then, to round out the list, there were a few outliers: Pigs in a Blanket ruled in Oklahoma, Party pinwheels in Ohio, and Irish Stew in Iowa.

For this year's Super Bowl, have your say in the rankings! Pick your own winning recipes from our Complete Big Game Recipe Collection.

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