When You Love Pizza More Than You Should

When you hear someone is wearing their pizza, that usually means they've had an unfortunate spill! But if you've ever wanted to be able to really wear pizza, boy are you in luck! We've gathered a few pizza-inspired items that you can adorn yourself with, minus the marinara stains.

Pizza Adidas Running Shoes, going to the highest bidder

This snazzy pair was designed by artist, Jen Mussari, as part of a lager project to support Women Win. Twelve women artists were asked to create one-of-a-kind Ultraboost X sneakers inspired by the fifty states. Can you guess which state these pizza kicks are for? Yep, we thought New York, too. So, excellent guess, but no—they are for New Jersey. Mussari explains, "New Jerseyans take pride in their flat-crust, full-bleed sauce and cheese pizza, maybe even more than New Yorkers do." (Check out and/or bid on the shoes for all 50 states here.)

These one-of-a-kind kicks are being sold by auction, so act quickly if you MUST. Have. Them. | Image by Adidas.

Pizza Leggings, $39.00 on Society6

Whether you pull these on for a run for extra motivation (run faster = eat more pizza sooner, right?), or for the purposes of curling up on the couch whilst you enjoy your yummy slices, we think pizza leggings are a delicious idea.

You'll also find tank tops, mugs, blankets and more on Society6. | Image by Society6.

Pizza Gold Best Friend Charm Necklace, $9.00 on Etsy

Is pizza the tie that binds you and your BFFs? Then this old school charm necklace is the perfect way to show everyone how much you all mean to each other…and also how much pizza means to you all. Which is a lot.

These charm necklaces are like a perpetual pizza party with your and your BFFs. | Image by MGreenhalghDesigns on Etsy.

And now that you're likely craving some serious ‘zza, here are a few of our top-rated recipes—just don't get any on ya!

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