By Food*Dude
February 27, 2015

Does your wine dress in fishnets?

I've always wondered why some Spanish wine bottles come packaged in a wire net while others don't. However, I've never wondered enough to look into it. What the heck could it possibly be for?

It can't be of any protection for the bottle. Could it be meant for tying bottles together, or hanging them on the wall? Or is it merely distinctive packaging?

Fortunately, Adam Teeter, at solves the mystery with no effort on my part in a recent article entitled Why Rioja Bottles Are Wrapped In Gold Wire – To Stop Thieves.

It's all thanks to Camilo Hurtado de Amézaga,who in the late 1800's borrowed French winemaking techniques to take the wines of Rioja to new peaks.

As it turns out, the Spanish wines dressing in fishnets are the classy ones!

Riscal Rioja
Marqués de Riscal Reserva 2010 via