What Wine Pairs Best With Chicken Parmesan

Wine pairing decisions made easy for one of the most popular chicken dishes out there.

Here's what wine you should drink with cheesy, saucy, yummy Chicken Parmesan.

New and Improved Chicken Parmesan
Photo by Chef John.

With this dish, the chicken is your canvas. You're painting it with tomato sauce, cheese, herbs, and breadcrumbs. So for the most part, drink what you'd drink with a delicious cheese pizza. Nothing too fancy.

Try an inexpensive Barbera or Sangiovese (Chianti Classico, Chianti Rufina, or Rosso di Montalcino, for example) or a Montepulciano.

If you can get your mitts on this Barbera in a box, do it. It's about $30 (for 3 Liters, the equivalent of four 750ML bottles), and a Barbera bargain at twice the price. A terrific all-purpose house wine, it's particularly tasty with pizza, pasta and red sauce, or chicken Parmesan.

Barbera in a Bag
Photo by Carl Hanson.

What to Drink with Chicken Parmesan Recipes:

Simple Chicken Parmesan

The sauce delivers acidity and some sweetness. The cheese brings the fat. Wines like Barbera and Sangiovese can match the acidity and keep tabs on the richness, too.

Get the Recipe: Simple Chicken Parmesan

Simple Chicken Parmesan
Photo by abapplez.

Chef John's Chicken Parmesan

Here, Chef John's aiming for something a little different. He holds back on the sauce and aims for a crisper crust on the chicken. The crispy crust and de-emphasis on sauce means you could, if you like, branch out into white wine territory. Stay true to the Italian whites, with a Soave, or try an inexpensive sparkling wine (maybe a rosé). Or stick with a trusty Chianti.

Get the Recipe: Chef John's Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan
Photo by sanzoe.

My Mom's Parmesan Chicken

One word. Bubbles. This version is completely sauceless. It's kind of an Italian-American version of fried chicken...only, you know, it's baked. And you know what goes great with fried chicken? Sparkling wine. Even if you top it with tomato sauce, you won't be disappointed you went the bubbly route.

Get the Recipe: My Mom's Parmesan Chicken

My Mom's Parmesan Chicken
Photo by Dianne.

Watch Chef John make his New and Improved Chicken Parmesan:

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