What the Heck is Tom Hanks' New Drink, "The Diet Cokagne?"

Is this the Dirty Shirley of 2023?

Tom Hanks popping champagne
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In Hollywood, Tom Hanks can do no wrong. From his two Oscar wins to his coffee company that supports the troops, the beloved actor is a national treasure. However, despite his lovable personality, when he shared his new cocktail on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, I have to admit I was pretty skeptical.

While celebrating the holiday season with this family, Hanks mixed two very unlikely beverages.

"I'm not a big drinker. So I usually have a Diet Coke," he told Colbert. "But they brought the Champagne around, they brought the nice flutes, it was like the last episode of The Bachelor. I just had this Diet Coke and I said 'oh, give me a shot of Champagne in there for crying out loud.' Everybody said 'you are insane.' I had a sip of this, Stephen, it was delicious."

Yes, you read that correctly, Hanks mixed Diet Coke with Champagne. He proceeded to make his newly invented cocktail for Colbert, which is about ⅔ Diet Coke topped off with Champagne.

"It doesn't have to be Coca-Cola, it could be any cola product," Hanks says as he pours.

"But diet," Colbert asks.

"Yeah, because I'm Type 2 Diabetes—gotta maintain the temple—and what's better [for] Type 2 Diabetes than a little shot of Champagne in your Diet Coke," Hanks jokes.

The pair comment on the cocktail's color—Colbert calling it an "American Aperol Spritz"—before giving it a try. After a sip, Colbert mouths "wow," to a smiling Hanks.

"How about that! Everybody at the table tried it [and] they said 'you know what, dad, that's pretty good," Hanks says.

But every good cocktail has to have a name, right? Don't worry, Hanks already has one picked out.

"We were debating what the name should be, and I came up with it. Because it is Coke and it's Champagne, so it's obviously Diet Cokagne," Hanks says. "What's the other name you said?"

"The Tom Hanks," Colbert replies.

"Well, let's go with that," Hanks says with a laugh.

The segment ends with Colbert admitting that the cocktail is "strangely, strikingly, shamefully" good. So, of course, I had to try it to see if the Diet Cokagne would be this year's Dirty Shirley.

We Tried Tom Hanks' "Diet Cokagne"

Tom Hanks Diet Cokagne
Bailey Fink

First things first, Hanks' Diet Cokagne is obviously really simple to make. I used his 2:1 ratio, but I think you could make this drink your own by using however much (or little) Champagne you like. If you're a spritz of orange juice in a mimosa kind of person, then translate that to your Diet Cokagne.

When I tried it, I felt like that viral Brittany Broski video where she tries kombucha for the first time, "no…well?" The first sip is definitely a lot to take in because you're expecting a sweet Diet Coke and you don't get that. But, it did start to grow on me after the second and third sips—or maybe that was just the Champagne hitting my bloodstream.

It tastes like a less-sweet Diet Coke that's extra fizzy. Hanks didn't stir the cocktail on The Late Show, but I definitely think you should unless you want your first taste to be all Champagne.

I strangely found myself not being able to stop drinking it—I just kept going back for more, maybe to see if I actually liked it or not. Whatever the reason, it was certainly a conversation starter when I told people what I was sipping on.

Would I add the Diet Cokagne to my brunch menu? Probably not. But if I was drinking a Diet Coke and someone accidentally spilled Champagne in it, would I be mad? Definitely not.

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