What Is Butter Meat?

Let's dive into this keto-crazed Crockpot trend.

The ketogenic diet is all about putting your body into some pretty extreme situations in order to kickstart weight loss, so it only makes sense that the diet involves a whole lot of unorthodox eating. I mean, if keto can turn a guy who eats two pounds of bacon a day into a diet guru, it seems that almost nothing (well, besides carbs) is off the table.

If anything, those who are trying to climb aboard the keto train's biggest challenge may be making sure they get enough fat in their diet. That predicament inspired Abby Durlewanger, (known online to her nearly 420 thousand TikTok followers as House Of Keto) to hit on an ingenious way to fatten up the lean chickens and other proteins she preferred over their more naturally fatty counterparts: butter meat. Let's dive into it, shall we?

So what exactly is butter meat?

Well, there's a big clue right there in the name. It's the combination of butter and meat, slow-cooked to come together and make it easier to hit one's keto macros without relying on fattier cuts of meat.

Since butter is both meltable and overwhelmingly fatty, Durlewanger had the bright idea to use it as a Crockpot component for adding a bit of moisture to the cooking process in a way that makes it easier for a wider range of meat preparations to hit those keto goals.

"I thought, 'what if the butter is my (slow cooker) liquid?' and decided to try it one day while I was home to watch to make sure I didn't burn my house down," Durlewanger told Today.

Her house may not have caught on fire, but that Crockpot experiment sparked something in the keto community. To this day, House of Keto gets tagged in posts of the diet's adherents trying out butter meats for themselves.

How does one make butter meat?

If you have any experience with a Crockpot or slow cooker, trying out a butter meat recipe for yourself shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

First, there's one obvious ingredient: butter. A whole lot of butter. Depending on the recipe, it seems that these either call for a half or a full stick of the stuff. That's usually alongside a little bit of water, or else a bit of broth, depending on the amount of moisture that's already contained in what you're slow cooking).

As a particularly informative @HouseofKeto TikTok shows, you start with a lined slow cooker or Crockpot, which helps to cut down on any mess. From there, you're dropping in half a stick of butter, but chopping it up into smaller pieces first to portion and distribute appropriately. Your meat of choice then goes in above the butter. The key step here is to thoroughly dose with seasoning— just because you're not eating carbs doesn't mean you should skimp on taste. Finally, the other half of the stick of butter goes on top.

The cook time will likely vary by type of meat and weight, so consult some more standard slow cooker recipes on that front if you're unsure. But once the timer's done doesn't mean the butter's work is finished. You'll want to have your meat swirl around in and soak up as much of that melty goodness as possible. If you do it right, everything from pork to bone-in chicken should be soaked in fat and ready to fall off the bone.

When it comes to things you should not cook in this butter meat method, Durlewanger only has one recommendation: avoid seafood. "I do not recommend any seafood because you don't want to cook it that long at all," she told Today.

But that's not the only way Keto dieters go all in on butter and meat

If you like the idea of butter meats but want to carry the keto concept to its logical conclusion, there's a fast for that: the beef and butter fast. For three to five days, you're basically eating fatty cuts of beef— augmented with butter, of course— in order to break through a keto plateau by speeding up the process of getting into ketosis.

Though it's not my place to comment on the medical (in)advisability of such a diet, the beef and butter fast seems to have a certain amount of traction in the keto community for those that really want to go all the way. The best part? It sure sounds like certain preparations of butter meat are on the menu during the course of your zero-carb odyssey.

So whether you're a keto neophyte looking for ways to keep on track with help from your Crockpot or just someone who's interested in exploring the fatty, decadent outer limits of meat consumption, consider adding butter meat to the rotation. Just make sure there aren't any vegans nearby.


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