You'll cry tears of joy, not agony.


You might love adding onions to a salad or grilling them for a tasty burger topping, since they're super flavorful and add a punch. But cutting and slicing them yourself? Not so much. It's pretty hard to prepare onions without the waterworks.

Yet, things might be different now, all thanks to Sunions, which is launching into its third growing season with products shipping to retailers this coming week. Basically, you can enjoy the same delicious taste of onions you want but without worrying about all the tears.

Regular onions make your eyes sting and water because they have volatile compounds that can irritate your eye. These are the same compounds that are responsible for the onions bite and characteristic tang. Yet, Sunions don't have the same compounds, so they don't elicit the tear-dripping response during meal prep.

"Sunions are grown through an all-natural cross-breeding program," said Lyndon Johnson, crop sales manager for Sunions. "The reason regular onions make your eyes sting and water is because they contain volatile compounds responsible for their pungency. In Sunions, these compounds decrease over time to create a sweet, mild onion that won't make you cry."

You can find them across major retailers from December through April, while supplies last. And they will be in over 10,000 stores nationwide, so you can probably find some at a grocery store near you. If you get your hands on one, try it out and see! It may just save you some issues and makeup reapplication after all.

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