By Nadia Hassani

What are Hush Puppies? What are Hush Puppies Made of?

Hush puppies are a mixture of cornmeal, all-purpose flour, egg, milk, and onion or scallions. The thick batter is shaped into small balls and deep-fried. Ingredients vary; some recipes add buttermilk, others whole kernel corn or cheese, oil, sugar, crab meat, and various seasonings.

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What are Hush Puppies Served with?

Hush puppies are a dish from the American South where they are often served as a side dish with fried fish, especially fried catfish. When done right, hush puppies are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, and they should be served hot.

How Do You Make Healthier Hush Puppies?

Because they are deep-fried, hush puppies are high in fat. But you can make a low-fat, healthier version by baking them in the oven instead of frying them in lots of oil. Or you can make them in an air fryer, which requires significantly less fat than deep frying.

Can Hush Puppies be Made Gluten-free?

Yes, using gluten-free flour or rice flour instead of all-purpose flour, you can make gluten-free hush puppies.

Some Favorite Hush Puppies Recipes

Buttermilk Hush Puppies

"Hush puppies are a great Southern tradition along with buttermilk coleslaw and Southern-fried catfish," says Mama Smith. "Why not use all that buttermilk together in all your recipes? Try them all!"

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Vicki's Hush Puppies

"Hush puppies are a good side for seafood," says VICKI C.

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Quick and Easy Hush Puppies

"I don't normally like hush puppies. They are generally too dry, too dense, and too bland for my taste. After tasting some in a restaurant that I actually liked, I decided to come up with a recipe of my own. This one deliberately uses stuff right out of the pantry so that it can be whipped up quickly and served fast," says Denise.

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Jillena's Crab Hush Puppies

"Quick and easy appetizer!" says JILLENA. "Similar to a Southern hush puppies but made with delicious real crab meat! This is really good served with a hot cheese dip or with tarter sauce and cocktail sauce. My husband will stand by waiting for them to finish cooking to eat them right away."

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Mom's Cajun Hush Puppies

"These tasty little delights are sure to be the perfect appetizer!" says brittnichole924. "Serve warm with tartar sauce."

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