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America's most beloved licorice maker has introduced a new product, with a mission to keep things simple. These aren't exactly farm-to-table treats, but Red Vines gets some serious high fives for tackling consumers cravings for something good and good-for-you. How did they do it?

650 x 465 red vines photo by Leslie Kelly
Photo by Leslie Kelly

All Natural Ingredients

The packaging tells the story, proclaiming these Berry Twists are "Made with Real Sugar" (the classic contains corn syrup), and "No Artificial Colors", plus "No Preservatives." The short list of ingredients includes natural berry flavor. And in fine print below: Made with non-GMO ingredients. Radish extract is used to create the crimson hue. Red Vines are NOT gluten-free. Oh, and, if this matters to you (and it should), they're made in the USA in a facility dedicated to "ZeroWaste." All good, but how do they taste?

650 x 465 red vines detail photo by Leslie Kelly
Photo by Leslie Kelly

The Sweet Verdict

We're not going to leave you twisting! These Berry Twists are outstanding. They're a little less sticky sweet than the traditional version, and have a softer texture. The berry flavor comes shining through, with a little tart kick in the mix, too. While each four twist serving contains about 130 fat-free calories, there's still 23 grams of sugar. So, these aren't going to be on the Whole30 or Paleo diet. But for those craving a sweet treat, these are the best kind of time-honored treats updated for the savvy consumer. Win!


Red Vines Made Simple is currently sold on Amazon and at retailers including Winco, Fred Meyer, King Soopers, and at select Walmart stores, mostly in the West, Nebraska and South Dakota.

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