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The New York Times looks at health claims made about turmeric including that it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and neuroprotective properties.

What makes the Scandinavians so healthy? TIME Health reveals the secrets to the healthy Nordic diet.

Scientific American suggests two ways individuals can help slow global warming: don't waste food and eat less meat.

Do juice cleanses really eliminate toxins from the body? Not likely, reports The New York Times.

The Mayo Clinic has a short video with


Here's why eating a high-fat diet may make you sleepy in the afternoons.

Genes have a roll in obesity, but genes are not destiny. The Harvard School of Public Health explores the subject.

The FDA will let food manufacturers fortify corn tortillas and other foods made with corn masa flour with folic acid, which helps prevent serious birth defects.

The Nutrition Source at Harvard drops 5 tips for healthy alcohol drinking.

The LA Times reveals four reasons why drinking black coffee is good for your health.

Probiotics are showing up everywhere in packaged foods. But what do probiotic-boosted foods do for us -- and are they worth it?

A recently found 40-year-old study on saturated fat is causing a stir. Answering questions about the study, Walter Willett of Harvard talks about its implications.

Take the weekly health quiz from The New York Times.

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