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Find out which fruits and vegetables had the most pesticide residue -- the so-called "Dirty Dozen."

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Research shows that people who ate more fast food exposed themselves to higher levels of potentially harmful chemicals.

Does this long-lost study contradict longstanding dietary advice about healthy fats?

Walter Willett of Harvard says the long-lost study on saturated fat doesn't change current dietary recommendations.

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More news from Science Daily on this rediscovered research that casts doubt on dietary advice to consume vegetable oils and limit butter. And still more insights from CNN and TIME.

If you don't like certain superfoods, don't fret. You might be able to swap 'em for something else that's just as healthy. CNN looks at some healthy alternatives to superfoods.

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Harvard School of Public Health looks at how our food choices are affected by the environment we live in.

A study says drinking caffeinated coffee and tea probably won't cause heart palpitations in healthy people.

Watch out for wire bristles! Just in time for grilling season, CNN looks at an overlooked danger of firing up the BBQ.

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Eat more fruit! New research suggests people who frequently eat fresh fruit are at lower risk of stroke and heart disease than people who rarely eat fruit.

TIME looks at how a plant-based, vegetarian diet could save trillions of dollars...and the planet.

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