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TIME gives us the skinny on skim milk. Some research indicates people who drink full-fat dairy weigh less and are not as likely to develop diabetes as those who drink skim.

The Nutrition Source at Harvard answers a reader's question about canola oil -- exploring the claims made against canola oil and dishing the facts, including recommendations on the best fats to use in cooking.

Grist offers helpful tips on successfully growing your own garden.

Thrillist explores why some people like spicy hot food and others...not so much.

Vitamin B12 is found mostly in animal foods, including eggs. Are vegetarians and vegans getting enough B12? What about supplements? The LA Times looks at the issues.

The BBC reports that diabetes cases have almost quadrupled since 1980. Diabetes now affects nearly 1-in-11 adults around the world.

Meanwhile, after a new study revealed that half of what we eat contains ultra-processed foods and added sugars, the Mayo Clinic looks into what all that junk food does to our health. (VIDEO)

Americans throw away about 1/3 of our food. Colorado is doing something about it: turning food waste into electricity.

TIME looks at scientifically proven ways to store and prep produce to get the most from them.

The Mayo Clinic looks into calcium options for the lactose intolerant besides dairy -- and explores dairy options that lactose-intolerant people can enjoy without problems.

Wild salmon and less expensive farmed salmon include similar amounts of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Take The New York Times weekly health quiz.

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