Food News: You Eat Banana Peels, Right? What Sugar Does To You Over Time, & More

Round 'em up! Here are this week's top stories in healthy eating and food science issues.


Also, there will be a quiz.

There's a ton of good stuff in pomegranates.

How does that translate to better health?

A new meta-analysis suggests

organic farming practices can boost nutrients.

The experts weigh in:

Eggs yolks are NOT unhealthy -- you know, within reason.

CNN takes a look at what

sugar in your coffee does to your body over time.

This is your brain on food.

What you eat matters to your brain.

Remember fat fear? Well, we're over that.

Healthy fats are in now and what counts for carbs is quality.

Organic meat and milk is considerably

higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than conventional versions.

Walnuts aren't just about vitamin E and folate, they can also

help lower cholesterol.

Cutting sugar could lower blood pressure and

reduce heart disease more effectively than limiting salt.

Take The New York Timesweekly health quiz.

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