Round 'em up! Here are this week's top stories in healthy eating and food science issues.

Also, there will be a quiz.

More good news about coffee. Drinking lots of

coffee may help prevent alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver.

Not a coffee drinker? With all the news emerging about

coffee's health benefits, should you start?

Protein- and unsaturated fat-rich nuts, seeds, and legumes

should be part of any plant-based diet, says Harvard Health.

This fun TedEd video tackles

the potato's outsized and totally tub(er)ular roll in history.

More evidence emerges showing that eating

foods like eggs that are high in cholesterol won't increase the risk of heart disease.

Is wine healthy? CNN looks at the science...and how

views on wine and health have changed over time.

The NY Times looks at whether long term use of zero-calorie artificial sweeteners might actually be associated with gains in weight.

Women who eat more fiber when they're young

may lower their risk of breast cancer later in life.

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