Food News: Dark Chocolate For The Win, Debating Moderate Drinking, & More


Also, there will be a quiz.

Working out? Maybe nibble a square of dark chocolate first. Dark chocolate may boost endurance by improving blood flow and cardiac function.

Another reason to skip the juice and eat the whole fruit: Some fruit juices have as much as a day's worth of sugar per serving.

Is old-fashioned sourdough bread a possible solution for people with gluten intolerance?

Will eating a Japanese-style diet, which is rich in fish and pickled veggies, improve your chances of living a longer life?

Drinking a little wine every day for your health? Well, other factors may really be improving your health instead of moderate drinking.

Although wait a minute. Because there's this in defense of moderate drinking.

The Nutrition Source at Harvard School of Public Health takes a look at protein: what is it, why we need it, how much is enough (and too much), and what are the healthiest sources of protein?

Are we born with a natural preference for healthy food?

The conventional wisdom is that healthy diets are expensive. The Nutrition Source at Harvard School of Public Health has tips for saving money on a healthier diet.

Take The New York Times weekly health quiz.

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