Added sugars are hiding right under our noses, confusion over "sell by" dates contributes to billions in food waste, a look at the lies we tells ourselves -- from "burgers are healthy" to "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" -- plus more of the week's top food stories.

1) Is a vegan diet healthier than other diets? TIME Health takes a look at the evidence.

2) Added sugars are everywhere. And sometimes they're hidden in plain sight. The New York Times uncovers words on food labels (like agave nectar, gomme, malt, and sorghum) that really just mean "added sugar."

3) Discover magazine looks at a 5,000 year old Chinese recipe for beer.

4) Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? The New York Times calls bogus.

5) We Americans self-report as being in "excellent" or "very good" health. The actual facts don't quite agree.

6) And in a related story, most of us think burgers are healthy.

7) This week, Harvard Health Publications goes full buzzkill on us, detailing alcohol's grim effects on the body.

8) Confusing "sell by" dates on packaged foods lead to billions of dollars in food waste.

9) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced changes are in store for nutrition labels. Good news, but there's room for improvement, says Harvard's School of Public Health.

10) Take the weekly health quiz from The New York Times.

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