All the New Candy to Purchase (and Pass on) This Halloween

This ghostly season is full of sweet and sour surprises.

The only thing better than picking out your Halloween costume is loading up your candy basket with all the brand new sinister sweets, and this year, there are plenty more to choose from. But, choose wisely, because some of these new candies are more tricks than treats. Here are our reviews of the best and worst sweets hitting the shelves this October.

Ghoulishly Good

Here are the items we found tasty, but not tantalizing. Reese's Peanut Butter Franken-Cups with green-colored créme were not a very exciting take on Halloween flavors (although a plain ol' Reese's cup doesn't need much fixing). Skittles Shriekers were also underwhelming, not living up to the promise that they would be sour enough to make you shriek. Lastly, M&M's Creepy Cocoa Crisp, featuring a dark chocolate cocoa crisp center. The candy offered a delicious crunch, but the flavor inside had a stale after-taste that was a little bit haunting.

Devilishly Delicious

These are the sinful sweets you shouldn't leave the store without. First up, Nerds Halloween Candy Corn, with a sour flavor so pungent, it'll knock you off your witch's broom. TWIX Cookies & Creme Candy Bars also made our list — the crisp cookie texture and sweet creme filling made it almost impossible to eat just one. For the lovers of fall flavors, Kit Kat brought back their Pumpkin Pie Candy Bars, which taste so similar to a slice of spiced pie, you might get away with serving them on Thanksgiving Day.

Frankly Frightening

These treats were quite terrifying to our taste buds, so try them… if you dare. Candy corn is a polarizing candy every season, but these variations are even more dreadful. Branch's Minions Candy Corn is flavored with a combination of banana and blue raspberry that's unexpected and unwelcome. Caramel Apple Candy Corn was flavored just like the real thing, but it's sickening sweetness was too much for any goblin to handle. Finally, BeanBoozled is the candy game for truly fearless feasters. With mystery flavors like dead fish and moldy cheese, one wrong choice will send you into a world of misery.

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