We Tried "Nature's Cereal" to See What the Big Deal Was

The bowl of wet fruit is a huge TikTok trend, but is it any good?

If a food hack hasn't been on TikTok, does it even exist? It sure feels that way. Even a simple bowl of fruit can go viral with the right TikTok entrance, and that's exactly why we had Stefan Johnson try "nature's cereal."

Call it what you want — an unblended smoothie, a healthy new way to start your day, a very costly breakfast — but nature's cereal (a bowl filled with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and pomegranate arils that are drenched in coconut water and sometimes ice) is clearly enjoying its moment in the spotlight.

So, what did Stefan think? He wasn't really about it. If you've got all the ingredients at home (look at you, fruit eater!), give nature's cereal a whirl. But it definitely isn't worth the effort and cost — especially when berries aren't in season and a little more affordable.


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