This Ice Cube Tray Hack Makes Homemade Sushi Easier Than Ever

It might not be traditional, but it sure is fun.

Sushi has always been one of those things I'd only eat at restaurants. Sure, you can recreate a delicious pasta carbonara or plate of enchiladas pretty easily in your own kitchen, but when it comes to sushi, making a delicious roll from scratch always seems to be way more trouble than it's worth. Or, so I thought.

Turns out, you can make adorable and shareable sushi bites using a tool that already lives in your kitchen: an ice cube tray. The empty sections double as the perfect mold for nigiri-style squares — no bamboo rollers required. You can even buy microwavable sticky rice to speed up the assembly time.

Another reason we're loving this snack hack? It's totally customizable to your sushi style. If you're vegetarian, go for avocado, cucumber, and carrots as your topping. Like it spicy? Bring on the sriracha. If you always order the cream cheese roll, smear a dollop on every piece. Your sushi, your rules.

Here's how to make sushi in an ice cube tray.

Ice Cube Tray Sushi

You'll need:

  • 2 cups sticky (sushi) rice
  • 2 tbsp furikake seasoning
  • Assorted cuts of your choice of fish (sashimi-grade tuna, smoked salmon, cooked shrimp, crab meat)
  • ½ cucumber, sliced in thin strips
  • ½ avocado, sliced in thin strips
  • Desired toppings (yuzu mayo, sriracha, cream cheese, nori, pickled ginger, wasabi, roe)
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  1. Prepare the sushi rice according to package instructions and allow to cool. In a large bowl, mix in the furikake seasoning and set aside.
  2. Line an ice cube tray with plastic wrap. Prepare small cubes of fish, cucumber, and avocado, just large enough to fit snugly at the bottom of each tray section. Place the toppings into each section and press down firmly, varying the toppings to create an arrangement of colors.
  3. Fill the remainder of each ice cube tray section with sushi rice using a spoon for assistance. Try to pack each section as evenly as possible. Once finished, carefully flip the tray over onto a plate or cutting board. Gently peel back the plastic wrap, and correct any toppings that may have fallen off.
  4. Garnish with your choice of toppings, and decorate the plate with a dollop of wasabi and a small pile of pickled ginger, if desired. Serve with soy sauce.
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