The Mexican Pizza Is Back on the Taco Bell Menu—But Our Copycat Version Is Even Better

More fillings, more flavor.

Taco Bell lovers, your pleas have been answered. The Mexican pizza has made a historic comeback since disappearing from menus nationwide in November 2020. I hit Taco Bell as soon as I heard the news to try my first ever Mexican pizza, and let me tell you, I was excited.

In case you missed the chaos, the Mexican Pizza's disappearance sparked outrage from fans everywhere, resulting in a petition where over 200,000 signers asked to "Save the Mexican Pizza." Among the biggest pizza advocates were Doja Cat and Dolly Parton (who will soon star in a satirical musical production in the pizza's honor). If that's not loyalty, I don't know what is.

While the Taco Bell menu is stacked with fan favorites from the Crunchwrap Supreme to Doritos Locos Tacos, there was enough public demand for the pizza's return that the restaurant had no choice but to listen. So, after a long 18 month hiatus, the beloved Mexican Pizza is finally "back home where it belongs," said Taco Bell CEO Mark King.

Originally pulled for its significant environmental impact, the 2.0 version aims to "leave a lighter footprint" by streamlining operations and ingredient sourcing and implementing improved sustainability practices, according to a 2022 press release.

After this immense excitement, I was expecting the pizza to be a meaty, cheesy, Mexican-inspired masterpiece. I picked up my purple, retro pizza box (probably a nod to its 80s establishment) and dug in.

I'll preface the next few comments by saying there were about 20 minutes between my drive-thru pick up and taste test. However, the soggy, limp taco shells that were supposed to be delivering an irresistible crunch, did not. All the flavors blended together nicely, but the thin stack was lacking in almost every department: meat, cheese, beans, and sauce. I concluded anything claiming itself to be a "pizza" should have a whole lot more cheese, and the entire dish was too light to be filling enough for a meal.

So, with enough disappointment for one day, I decided to create my own amped-up pizza inspired by the menu favorite. It had to have all of the signature Tex-Mex elements — crispy tortillas, seasoned taco beef, refried beans, spicy red sauce, and melty cheese — just bigger and bolder. My version is stacked high with flavor and texture, and it definitely won't leave you hungry.

So, if you want to dodge the busy drive-thru line, or don't have a Taco Bell nearby, you can still indulge in this trendsetting Taco Bell Mexican pizza from the comfort of your own kitchen. Try this for an easy lunch or indulgent late-night snack, or turn your regular pizza night into Mexican pizza night. Trust me, you won't miss the original after you taste this version.

Try our Better-Than-Taco Bell Mexican Pizza recipe.

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