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With Easter around the corner, there are so many new flavors of Peeps on store shelves. We tried nine new flavors so you don't have to.

Peeps are one of the most iconic Easter candies, but the brand has moved way beyond the classic marshmallow chicks. Instead of filling this year's adorable Easter baskets with regular Peeps, add some new flavors to the mix! This Easter you can find flavors like Sour Watermelon, Party Cake, and Fruit Punch—they even have caramel-filled Peeps now!

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Our staff tasted nine varieties of the marshmallow treats so you don't have to. Some are sweet, one was sour, and we even tried one with a surprise caramel filling. Find out which ones we liked so you can tell the Easter bunny exactly what to put in those Easter baskets!

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9. Pancakes & Syrup

Staff quote: "Very strong maple flavor. Real pancakes are better!"

We were excited for these, but ultimately they left our taste buds pretty confused. They smell more like maple syrup than they taste like it, and there isn't a whole lot of resemblance to pancakes. These are a fun novelty candy, but we probably won't be picking them up for a snack anytime soon.

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8. Party Cake

Staff quote: "Cute but I miss the cake."

These are by far the most visually appealing Peeps we tried. They're decorated with multi-color sugar sprinkles so they look just like confetti cake—and who doesn't love confetti cake? They do taste a bit like cake, but they're just so sweet we couldn't eat more than a few bites.

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7. Milk Chocolate Dipped

Staff quote: "The chocolate elevates the original Peep."

The new chocolate-dipped Peeps are essentially just the classic marshmallow chick dipped in Chocolate—and while we liked these, it's interesting to note they scored lower than the plain original Peep. Why mess with a good thing, right?

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6. Fruit Punch

Staff quote: "Surprisingly fruity, I'm impressed."

The color of these Peeps is a bit off-putting (they're so red) but they're surprisingly tasty. They really do taste like classic fruit punch, and the fruit flavor actually pairs pretty well with the marshmallow texture.

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5. Cotton Candy

Staff quote: "Peeps are basically a denser cotton candy to begin with so I approve of this one."

Cotton candy-flavored treats normally have an overwhelming flavor, but these have just the right amount. They taste a lot like the plain classic Peep, with a hint of cotton candy—and the pink and blue aesthetic is pretty appealing. These would make the perfect Easter basket filler!

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4. Classic Marshmallow

Staff quote: "Tastes like sugar—and my childhood."

While the classic marshmallow chicks clearly aren't new, we threw them into the taste test as a benchmark for the new flavors. Surprisingly, our staff only liked three of the new flavors more than the original chicks, which really don't taste like much of anything other than sugar and marshmallows—not that we're complaining!

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3. Blue Raspberry

Staff quote: "I like the little bit of sour."

While real raspberries aren't blue, blue raspberry has become a pretty distinct flavor. These definitely lived up to our expectations, with an added hint of sour flavor that's not advertised on the packaging. Most of our staff like sour candy, so these were a big hit.

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2. Sour Watermelon

Staff quote: "I like the two-tone. These taste like my favorite watermelon taffy."

Sour watermelon and marshmallow filling isn't a combination we would have thought to create, but these are surprisingly delicious. The two-tone treats (pink inside, green outside) have just the right balance of sweet and sour, and we were all in agreement that they taste almost exactly like watermelon taffy.

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1. Chocolate Caramel Swirl

Staff quote: "Whoa! Caramel filled!"

These specialty Peeps have so many layers going on—chocolate-dipped coating, chocolate-flavored marshmallow, and a soft caramel filling. These taste vaguely like s'mores, but with caramel filling and a crunchy sugar coating. A few more packages of these are definitely making their way into our carts this season!

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