May 15, 2019
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After taste-testing 133 varieties, we found the five best salad dressings. With dressing this good, you'll want a salad with every meal.

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1. Best Balsamic: Drew's Organics Rosemary Balsamic Dressing

Elevated by the subtle flavors of rosemary and garlic, this slightly sweet (it's made with honey instead of sugar) yet bright dressing is more interesting than one you'd shake up in a jar yourself. Try marinating vegetables in it before grilling or roasting.

To buy: $9 for 12 oz.;

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2. Best Caesar: Marzetti Simply Dressed Caesar Dressing

A blend of Parmesan and Romano cheeses makes this pick ultra-luscious. A little goes a long way; it clings to greens without being gloppy.

To buy: $3.50 for 12 oz.;

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3. Best Ranch: Cindy's Kitchen Buttermilk Ranch

This winner stood out among the too-sweet competition. Nicely seasoned with spices and garlic, it makes a welcome dip for veggies too.

To buy: $7.50 for 16 oz.;

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4. Best Ginger: Cindy's Kitchen Soy Ginger

Savory flavor from soy sauce, a subtle kick from ginger, and a nutty richness from tahini add up to a zesty dressing we kept on drizzling.

To buy: $7.50 for 16 oz.;

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5. Best Vinaigrette: Ken's Simply Vinaigrette Garlic & Basil Dressing

The tangy combo of herbs and garlic might remind you of pesto. Toss this versatile dressing with greens or pasta salad, or spoon it over grilled fish.

To buy: $3 for 16 oz.;

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