We Tried 10 Bloody Mary Mixes to Find the Best One

When you can’t make a mix from scratch, grab this all-star for your next brunch.

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To like Bloody Marys is to love Bloody Marys—meaning, you have your favorite garnishes, you know your ideal spice level, and you simply wouldn't dream of ordering a brunch cocktail of the Champagne variety. Or perhaps I'm just speaking for myself. But I, for one, am on the Bloody Mary train and I will not hop off until they are acceptable for drinking at brunch, lunch, and dinner.

For that reason, I had a strong interest in figuring out which store-bought Bloody Mary mix was the best for at-home brunching (or whenever you want to enjoy a nice tomato-based concoction). Sure, you might have your go-to bottle that you reach for on the shelf, but is that really the best-tasting option out there? Time to find out.

I conducted a blind taste test using ten different pre-made mixes I found at various stores, ranging from Walmart to Fresh Market. I doubted that my own taste buds would be up for the task. But eventually (with the help of two assistants) I was able to definitively name two winners and two… let's call them, duds. Here are the Bloody Mary mixes you should (and should not) buy for your next boozy brunch.

several glasses of Bloody Mary Mix with garnishes

Top Picks

McClure's Bloody Mary Mixer

Known primarily for their pickles, McClure's creates a surprisingly robust and delicious cocktail mix. The "spicy" part of the name is no joke — this mix creates a cocktail with enough spice to resemble a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. For those who like it hot, this mix is packed with spice, alongside other bold flavors like dill, garlic, and pickle brine. Trust me, you won't be tasting any vodka alongside this mix.

Try this mix: McClure's Bloody Mary Mixer, $17.59, amazon.com

Charleston Fresh & Veggie Bloody Mary Mix

If you love a flavorful mix but like to go easy on the spice, go with this well-balanced pick. This all-natural cocktail has a subtle smoky flavor that would welcome a crispy strip of bacon, yet also offers the tang and freshness necessary for a mid-morning drink. Confidently serve this mix to all your guests knowing they'll be able to handle the heat of every tasty sip. Bonus: it's vegetarian-friendly!

Try this mix: Charleston Fresh & Veggie Bloody Mary Mix, $24.95, amazon.com

For our favorite scratch-made Bloody Mary Mix, check out this crowd-pleasing recipe.

bloody mary
Blaine Moats

Not My Faves

Powell & Mahoney Classic Bloody Mary Mix

Whether it was the tomato soup-like thickness of the mix, or the sheer amount of sugar in each sip, this cocktail mix did not impress with it's flavor or spice-level. The only lingering taste was a bit beefy, as if it had been flavored with a salty bouillon cube.

Try this mix: Powell & Mahoney Classic Bloody Mary Mix, $12.98, amazon.com

Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix

This ultra-light mix had very little spice, but a carrot juice-like sweetness that was rather off-putting. It tasted heavy on acidity and celery salt flavors, but the almost watery consistency wouldn't carry enough body to mask the taste of liquor.

Try this mix: Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix, $24.98, amazon.com

P.S. If you've watched the video above, here are the numbers assigned to each mix I tried (not in order of ranking):

  1. Master of Mixes Classic Bloody Mary Mixer
  2. McClure's Bloody Mary Mixer
  3. Agalima Organic Bloody Mary Mix
  4. Bloody Point Bloody Mary Mix
  5. Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix
  6. Powell & Mahoney Classic Bloody Mary Mix
  7. Charleston Fresh & Veggie Bloody Mary Mix
  8. Ubons Bloody Mary Mix, PitMaster's Hot & Spicy
  9. Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix
  10. Charleston Bold & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix
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