6 Amazing Ways to Remix a Box of Brownie Mix

Keep a box of brownie mix on hand to create unique, enticing desserts anytime.

Craving something decadently sweet with a few shortcuts? A box of brownie mix makes magic in no time. From mint chocolate truffles to a rich cherry-laden cake, Nicole McLaughlin shares deliciously inventive ways to transform brownie mix into incredible treats.

1) Banana Split Brownie Pizza

portrait banana split brownie pizza

Turn your brownie mix into a decadent dessert pizza topped with banana-flavored cream cheese, fluffy whipped cream, and chocolate drizzled fruit. Simply make a large-batch brownie mix as directed and spread into a pizza pan.

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Create authentic banana split flavor with your favorite toppings. As for Nicole, "It's got to have bananas, pineapple, peanuts, and chocolate sauce. And no banana split is complete without a cherry on top."

2) Brownie Waffles

brownie waffles

Have your brownies the waffle way with this sweet, breakfast-inspired treat. Just add an additional egg to your standard boxed brownie recipe before pouring it into a waffle iron. "The whole thing is kind of like the edges of a brownie, so if you're an edge person you'll be very happy," shares McLaughlin.

Brownie waffles topped with ice cream are great for extra-special family breakfasts and kids' sleepovers. Cement yourself as the cool parent with a chocolatey waffle a la mode.

3) Muddy Buddy Snack Mix

brownie flavored puppy chow

Ready to dig into a salty-sweet snack mix? Make brownie-flavored muddy buddies using just a few pantry ingredients. Start by pouring melted chocolate and peanut butter into a large bowl of rice cereal, then toss the mixture in with the boxed brownie mix and shake.

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Add fun, colorful elements to your snack mix by including chocolate candies and pretzels. Perfect for tailgating, school lunches, or just a lazy movie night at home, this crunchy mix will address your cravings in the most delicious way possible.

4) Brownie Cookies

portrait shot brownie whoopie pies

Transform brownie mix into soft, mouthwatering cookies. "By cutting out the water and cutting the oil in half, you're left with a drier dough that's perfect for cookies," says Nicole. "Another thing about making these versus a big tray of brownies is that they cook in one-third of the time."

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To take your brownie cookies to the next level, turn them into whoopie pies. Blend powdered sugar, butter, and marshmallow creme, then place the mixture into a piping bag and fill the cookie sandwiches to your heart's content.

5) Brownie Truffles

portrait shot brownie truffles

A great way to remix leftover brownies is to make truffles. Nicole prefers a mint-chocolate version, with chopped mints and mashed pre-baked brownies formed into a ball. Chill your truffle balls for at least 20 minutes before coating.

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Melted chocolate chips and coconut oil create a glossy coat for these minty confections. Add an extra special touch by finishing with white and green sprinkles. Chill until truffles are firm and enjoy each decadent bite.

6) Black Forest Brownie Dump Cake

portrait shot chrry chocolate dump cake with ice cream

Say hello to a rich, cherry-filled dessert that's too easy not to make. All you'll need are brownie mix, water, butter, and cherry pie filling for this perfect bite. "Brownie mix needs a little more moisture than a cake mix would, so add in water over the top, advises McLaughlin. "Grate your butter for better incorporation, making sure to freeze before grating."

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This gooey crowd-pleaser is even better with a a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. You don't have to spend hours on a dessert that the whole family will love — this dump cake is ready to serve in just 35 minutes.

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