"Let The Pancake Look Like A Warty Toad" And More Important Advice From The Allrecipes Community

Every week hundreds of home cooks share key cooking tips in our recipe reviews. Here are a few recent favorites:

Czech Roast Pork: "My dog Maggie loved it too! Only half of my family got to try this delicious roast before our dog stole it and devoured it. But I will definitely make it again...and put the dog in her crate." —ChrisG

Roasted Okra: "I thought okra was only meant to be fried - WRONG. This is ridiculously easy and delicious. My husband even ate it (and he claims to hate okra. Pfft.) I made this last night to go with some pasta I was making but the pasta took longer than I thought and I was hungry. Long story short—the okra didn't make it to the dinner table (but was a lovely appetizer? Ha.) So flippin' good." —Nashville Nosher

Closeup of okra on a white plate
Photo by CSteichen. CSteichen

Stuffed Green Peppers I: "These are one ingredient away from being exactly like my mom's recipe from my childhood. Next time, I'm adding Velveeta, and then I will float away on a cloud of being-a-six-year-old-again bliss." —cowgirll

Buffalo Chicken Dip: "Honestly, I ate about half the dip with a spoon before I remembered I was supposed to, you know, dip something in it. So. Good." —Noel

Buttermilk Pancakes: "As my Aunty always said, 'It's all about the bubbles. Let the pancake look like a warty toad and flip.'" —Alfy

Buttermilk Pancakes I
Photo by bikerfamily.

Braised Corned Beef Brisket: "Hey, YOU! Yeah, YOU looking for the PERFECT recipe for corned beef! You can STOP RIGHT HERE!! Click no further, my friend! Make it exactly as written, and you'll be in corned beef heaven. We tried this recipe side-by-side with the highest rated crock pot recipe, and this blew the boiled variety out of the water! No joke!!! You'll love it!" —tylersmom77

Goat Stew: "WARNING: You may find yourself starting to like leftovers, eating it 3 times a day, licking your fingers and plate, and eating 1/3 of it at the counter b/c you can't wait to get more comfy." —Ivantpdc

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