By Leslie Kelly
October 23, 2017

Ewwww! That's the reaction most people have when they see the creepiest of the scary Halloween dishes shared on our site. We're talking Bloody Rats, Slimy Eyeballs and disembodied body parts. Don't say we didn't warn you, but if you're amused instead of aghast, check out these popular, super frightful creations.

There are tons of foods you can stuff into a brain-shaped mold, but this version gets extra gory points for coming pretty close to the actual texture of the stuff in the ol' noggin, right? Add a bloody good cocktail sauce and serve on crackers.

Halloween Shrimp Cocktail Brain
Photo by pattyw67238

Let's call this one Freddy Krueger's fave, and let's face it: You're never going to look at prosciutto the same way again.

Flayed Man Cheese Ball
Flayed Man Cheese Ball | Photo by foodelicious

3. Ratloaf

Yes, the photo below makes this dish lean a little toward adorable, but come on. We're talking about rats! This beefy preparation is even better when it's smothered in Chef John's Homemade Ketchup.

Ratloaf Halloween Meatloaf
Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

More: Watch this short video on how to make a Zombie Meatloaf :

It's one thing for your appetizer to stare back at you, but -- double scream -- these are ultra-goosebump-causing when you stick toothpicks or itty bitty plastic swords in those eyeballs. For those who are confused, wondering what the main ingredient is, lychees are called a "nut" but it's really a tropical fruit with a sweet flavor and a crunchy texture. So, in other words, perfect for these creepy eyeballs.

650 x 405 4565167 creepy halloween eyeballs
Photo by JuliettevanSon

5. Creepy Mini Pizzas

These are more cute than creepy, really. Unless the thought of eating green bell peppers makes your skin crawl.

Creepy Mini Pizzas
Photo by happysoupandrice

Say the name of this one three times, and if you don't LOL, well then, no Booger Cookies for you!

650 x 465 726733_original booger cookies by Laura Stephen
Photo by Laura Stephen

Can we please get a high five for these clever treats? Because, you know, they look so ghoulishly good, they're going to make your guests gag. Watch this short video for magical tricks on how to make them:

We've got one Q for you: Would you like one scoop or two of this pretend poo?


Photo by Marcie

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