By Leslie Kelly

Feel the chill in the air? Yes, it's time to dust off those super fantastic squash soup recipes. This celebration of autumn has become more interesting in recent years, as the variety of squash has blossomed across the country. Buttercup, banana and delicata are no longer considered exotic. Still, it's hard to beat butternut squash, which remains at the top of the heap for soup satisfaction. Check out some of our top-rated squash soup recipes.

Beautiful Butternut

The silky flesh of this sensational squash lends itself to a velvety bowl of soup. It's the perfect blank slate on which to embellish with various spices like curry powder. So, you can go hot... or, not. Follow along with Chef John in this how-to video, below.

Pumpkin's Pretty, Too

That's right, pumpkins are NOT just for carving into Jack O'Lanterns around Halloween. The edible pumpkin varieties are sweeter, and even more so the later in the season you buy them.

Photo by KrystaB.

And the Assorted Grab Bag

All squash are not equal, with some bringing more sweetness to the soup party. Take the adorable buttercup, for instance. It's prized for its high sugar content, which can be balanced by the introduction of something salty. Did you know that a dash or two of fish sauce adds all sorts of character? It's known as an umami bomb, that savory flavor that's called "the fifth taste" detected by your tongue, along with salty, sweet, bitter and sour.

Buttercup Squash Soup. Photo by Derbakermom.

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