Plus, it's foolproof—just put the bar in the brownie.
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snickers skillet pie kit from walmart
Credit: Walmart

This holiday season is going to present its own sort of challenges, and an unprecedented sense of isolation for many. While that will primarily take an emotional toll, there are other drawbacks in terms of potentially having less expertise in the kitchen when it comes to preparing desserts like pies. 

While you can address this by jumping through some hoops to get yourself an apple pie-flavored Pepsi, perhaps a more filling alternative is to seek out the Snickers Dessert Pie Baking Kit by Modern Gourmet. Functioning as an essentially idiot-proof way to make a (seasonally agnostic) dessert with minimal brain power or baking know-how required. 

Featuring an individual ceramic pie pan for simple, straightforward baking, this delicious treat's ingredients consist of an included brownie mix, plus— of course—a Snickers bar. That's how you know this isn't just a normal pan-made brownie, but something that truly says "Dessert Pie."

Of course, it's important to take note of the portions here. Featuring just 2.1 ounces of brownie mix and just over half an ounce of Snickers, this is decidedly an individual snack rather than a household-sized dessert. Still, given that we're all going to be spending a bit more time alone than normal this November and December, maybe this is the right size for where we're at these days.

If you find yourself in the mood to eat a brownie that tastes like a snickers and then keep a small ceramic pan afterwards, you'll find this particular Dessert Pie Baking Kit at Walmart, where it retails for under $6. Not bad when you consider that it's probably impossible to screw this up.