We tested dozens of Walmart's private-label products to separate the best from the rest. Here are our favorites.

By Melanie Fincher
December 31, 2019
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Private-label brands have been a staple at Walmart for nearly three decades. From clothing to household supplies, Walmart offers a private-label alternative to nearly every product imaginable — and food is no exception.

While private-label brands have a long history at Walmart, it wasn't until recently that the brand chose to really focus on them. Jack Pestello, senior vice president of food and consumables for Walmart's U.S. operations, told the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, "We made it a core pillar of our strategy to say we are going to have a solid private-brand program at Walmart because it's really core to helping people save money and live better."

In fact, Walmart opened a 12,000-square-foot-facility known as "The Culinary and Innovation Center" at its headquarters in 2016 to test and tweak products for its private-label brands, reports the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

After testing dozens of products from Walmart's line of private-label brands (including Great Value, Sam's Choice, and Marketside), we've determined our favorite Walmart private-label products. From kitchen pantry staples to snack foods, these are the Walmart private-label products worth buying.

1. Great Value Twist & Shout Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

We tested these against other store brand Oreos, and Walmart's version took the cake. One taster even went as far as to say, "Would have thought these were Oreo brand." At nearly half the price of the name brand, these Great Value cookies just made snacking cheaper.

Buy It: Great Value Twist & Shout Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, $1.63; Walmart

Credit: Walmart

2. Marketside Chicken Tortilla Soup

Spiced and toasty, this tortilla soup will warm you up on a cold day. Our testers liked that you can clearly see the ingredients you’re eating. The best part? Just pop it in the microwave for an easy weeknight dinner.

Buy It: Marketside Chicken Tortilla Soup, $2.87; Walmart

Credit: Walmart

3. Great Value 1% Low Fat Chocolate Milk

This smaller size of these 8 oz. bottles helps to control portions and gives you a calcium boost at any point in the day. We found the chocolate taste to be nice and subtle, rather than overly sugary like competitor brands.

Buy It: Great Value 1% Low Fat Chocolate Milk 6 ct., $3.48; Walmart

Credit: Walmart

4. Sam's Choice Italia Shells with Sundried Tomato & Mascarpone Cheese Sauce Meal Kit

These meal kits from Sam's Choice make it easy to get dinner on the table fast. Simply boil water, add the pasta and flavoring, and cook! We found these shells to be incredibly creamy and flavorful. Dinner is served for less than $2.

Buy It: Sam's Choice Italia Shells with Sundried Tomato & Mascarpone Cheese Sauce Meal Kit, $1.86; Walmart

Credit: Walmart

5. Sam's Choice Italia 4 Cheese Risotto Meal Kit

Another Sam's Choice meal kit makes the list with this store-bought risotto that tastes like restaurant quality. Creamy, cheese, and so easy.

Buy It: Sam's Choice Italia 4 Cheese Risotto Meal Kit 8 ct., $14.38, Walmart 

Credit: Walmart

6. Sam's Choice Italia Spicy Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce

A jar of pasta sauce is a kitchen pantry staple, and this $3 jar from the Sam's Choice line received high marks across the board. Well balanced and full bodied — we're "into it" as one taster put it.

Buy It: Sam's Choice Italia Spicy Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce, $2.98; Walmart

Credit: Walmart

7. Sam's Choice Italia Pesto Style Gnocchi

This texture of this gnocchi rivals even the most popular competitor brands (looking at you, Trader Joe's). And pesto lovers will really enjoy this, too! Go from stove top to plate in under half an hour with this delicious Italian meal.

Buy It: Sam's Choice Italia Pesto Style Gnocchi, $1.97; Walmart

8. Sam's Choice Italia Penne

At this point, it's no surprise that Sam's Choice provides a lineup of quality pasta. We loved the texture of this penne — this pantry staple can be used to make endless pasta dishes.

Buy It: Sam's Choice Italia Penne-6 Pack, $6.82; Walmart

Credit: Walmart

9. Sam's Choice Italia Fusilloni Pasta

These are the biggest noodles I think I've ever seen — and I'm about it. One tester said, "Love the size! So fun and good texture," while another said, "All about this giant pasta." You really get your money's worth from these hefty noodles.

Buy It: Sam's Choice Italia Fusilloni Pasta-3 Pack, $7.09; Walmart

Credit: Walmart

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