Give your favorite hot head a trip around the globe with these international-inspired sauces.
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Modern Gourmet Foods World Wide Hot Sauce Gift Set
Credit: Walmart

Heat seekers all have their favorite hot sauce types. Maybe it's vinegar-based Crystal, slightly sweet Sriracha, or their own homemade variety. But no matter their preference, they're sure to find a new favorite thanks to Walmart's World Wide Hot Sauce Gift Set, which features 30 miniature bottles of unique hot sauces at just $20.

Buy it: World Wide Hot Sauce Gift Set, $20;

Each flavor is "inspired from journeys across the globe" and tucked neatly into a little bottle that holds just over half an ounce. Their small sizes make the set perfect for trying out a huge variety without taking up a ton of space, or throwing one into your bag for condiment carrying on-the-go.

You won't find any name-brand bottles in this gift set. Instead the unique flavors have a range of tempting names like Mayan Ruins, Indian Tigerblood, Hawaiian Lava Flow, and more. With 30 different types to try, you can dedicate an entire month to eating special spicy meals.

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