Have your oatmeal and your dessert at once.
Great Value Snickerdoodle Oatmeal
Credit: Walmart

Snickerdoodles are delicious as a cookie and as a McFlurry. They have good spice, gingery notes, and that unforgettable crispy texture on the outside with a soft, chewy inside that melts in your mouth.

Fresh off the holiday cookie season, Walmart is selling a breakfast version of this adored cookie, in an oatmeal that tastes sweet like snickerdoodle but is high in enough good nutrition to fuel your mornings. It'll taste sweeter than classic cinnamon-sugar oatmeal, but it's not overwhelming, where it feels like you're digging into a cookie for breakfast.

From the Walmart Great Value brand, a box of the snickerdoodle oatmeal is less than $2 and has six packets inside. This oatmeal is a limited-edition flavor, so if you want to try it, you should head to Walmart now to seek it out. It'll be available through February 2020, which is great for wintertime when the spicy, grounding flavors of snickerdoodle blunt the sharp edge of cold mornings.

Throw in some fresh apple slices for fiber and added flavor to complement the snickerdoodle. You can even add in nuts and seeds for protein and fiber, too. It's a morning meal you'll actually jump out of bed for.