Everything But the Bagel Croissants Are Our New Favorite Bread

Move over, bagels.

Marketside All-Butter Everything Croissant
Photo: Walmart

When it comes to morning carbs, everyone has their own preferences. If you're anywhere close to New York or Montreal, a bagel is your best bet. Head to Paris, and it's a croissant you'll want. There are distinct reasons for enjoying each, and there's no objective right or wrong answer when it comes to preferring one or the other.

But unless you want to scare or enrage a New Yorker or Long Islander with strong opinions about the relationship between the hardness of local tapwater and bagel quality, you should probably steer clear of this everything croissant, set to be sold exclusively at Walmart.

Once their shock and disgust wears off, though, it sounds like this particular take on the croissant would be pretty decent. That's because they're "all-butter" croissants, comprised of golden brown layers, which sounds pretty good so far. On top of that, they're adorned with the onion, garlic, sesame, and poppy seeds that make up a solid everything mix, the discerning choice of true bagel connoisseurs.

Marketside All-Butter Everything Croissant

These croissants are the latest bit of evidence that "everything" is continuing to have a moment. Trader Joe's has been selling a very versatile Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Blend for a while now, and this set of All-Butter Everything Croissants (a name, which might lead you to believe that they're entirely made out of butter) are further proof that everything really does mean everything.

If you're looking for these, you'll find them exclusively at Walmart, sold in a six-pack (or 46 percent of a baker's dozen) for $3.98. They'll hit shelves the week of November 2nd, and I'm sure you could find a way to shoehorn these into Thanksgiving if you really wanted to. Just don't tell any relatives from New York.

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