Everyone's favorite grape, now in juice form.
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Once again, the world is ending. We're all about to be trapped inside, and there's really nothing we can do about it other than to wait it out until we can emerge in the spring or summer with a vaccine. Until then, nothing really matters. 

That's why it might be the perfect time for you (or your already hyperactive children) a Cotton Candy Grape Juice Cocktail from Walmart. Yup, that's where we're at right about now. 

Offered by Walmart's Great Value brand (which lives up to its name by selling 64 ounces of this for $2.48), Walmart says this grape juice cocktail features zero added sugar and provides your full recommended dose of vitamin C in a single serving. Regardless of whether or not you drink it straight up or you use it as a spritzer or cocktail mixer, "it's a wholesome and luscious beverage experience."

Though one may be inclined to think that Great Value invented the concept of combining cotton candy and grapes, it's worth noting that the Cotton Candy Grape is actually a real thing. First patented in 2010, this designer fruit is a fusion of the Concord grape and common grapes, meant to offer a sweet taste combined with a sturdier structure. 

So when Walmart says they've managed to get that cotton candy flavor into a beverage without adding any extra sugar, it's really not as crazy as it sounds. Whether the Cotton Candy Grape itself is the healthiest fruit around is a different story, but best to not look a gift horse in the mouth right now. Assuming those vitamin C claims are true, there are certainly worse ways to avoid getting scurvy while locked at home this winter.