No, really, they do. And it's pretty gorgeous.

Forest Service Cocktail Blueprints via The National Archive

Hidden away in the National Archives, this poster, created in 1974, takes a construction-blueprint view of classic cocktails, and indicates, at the very least, a serious affinity for a very, very precisely created Manhattan.

Extra fun comes from the "Details" section, where Maraschino cherries are just "sphere-red w/stem" and cocktail olives are "spheroid-green w/red center."

But nothing compares to the loving rendition of a Mint Julep with its sprigs of mint, possibly because this was created in Region 8 of the Forest Service, encompassing most of the Southern United States. Thus the extra love for Bourbon.

So, if you're looking for a government bureaucracy that knows their way around a bar, it looks like the Forest Service is for you.