Leave it to the internet to revolutionize something as simple as chicken.
Tiktok Raising Krazies
Credit: Tiktok / Raising Krazies

TikTok videos are everywhere. If you're not watching them on an endless loop, you're probably gathering your family to coordinate the next viral dance sensation while you are social distancing at home. Plus, since they can be entertaining, they are basically saving us all during this COVID-19 pandemic.

But sometimes, even silly videos on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube can be quite educational. In fact, we were reminded of that recently when we spotted this TikTok video from user @raising_krazies. In it, the TikTok user reveals a tip for removing tough tendons from chicken breasts without having to cut it out, leaving your chicken breast or tender chopped to pieces. Since we're all at home cooking a lot more now, we know this tip will come in handy.

Basically, have you ever had a chicken breast tenderloin with a white, stringy tendon sticking out? You'll likely not want that in the chicken when you take a bite. You can easily remove it in a matter of seconds, as @raising_krazies revealed. Here's what to do: Take a fork and slip the tendon between the tines of a fork. Grab the tendon with your finger, then push down on the chicken breast with the fork, and pull up on the tendon at the same time.  You can pull the whole thing out at once! How cool, right?

Click to watch the full video for yourself.

But this great tip got us reminiscing on the many other great chicken "hacks" the Internet has taught us, so we decided to pull together a few of our favorites and share them here with you.

sarah's easy shredded chicken

Use a Stand Mixer to Shred Chicken Effortlessly

Instead of shredding and pulling at chicken breasts with two forks, you can use a hand mixer or stand mixer to shred chicken. Simply place cooked chicken breasts in a large bowl, and turn the blades on low. With a hand mixer, press down gently into each chicken breast, and as it begins to tear apart, move the mixer blades around the bowl to make thick, juicy shreds for tacos, sandwiches, salads, and more. See this tip in action on YouTube.

Season a Whole Chicken at Once Without Much Mess

If you're planning to roast a whole chicken or smoke one on the grill, you'll want to get your rub and seasonings all over the bird. But sprinkling seasoning on the chicken often leaves spots uncovered, and it creates a lot of waste. You can fix this.

Start by filling a zip-top gallon-size bag with spices and salt. Pat the chicken dry, then slip the chicken in the bag. Shake for the best coating (and less wasted spice too, which saves you money and product).

Freeze Chicken Slightly for Thinner Stir-Fry Strips

Stir-fry chicken and steak is paper-thin. That helps it cook quickly in the last part of the cooking process, and it keeps the protein from overcooking. But getting thin strips of chicken can be tough when it's squishy and raw. Instead, put the chicken in the freezer for a bit to tighten it up. This will make it easier to slice and cook evenly — and for more dishes than just stir-fries. You can use this tip for salads, fajitas, and more.

Eat Chicken Wings in One Bite

Unless you enjoy nibbling away at chicken wings to peel every gram of meat from the bone, there's a way to take wings down faster and with less waste. This YouTube video shows how you can turn those bone-in wings into boneless wings. You'll find the small, skinny bone, twist and wiggle it out. Then, grab the bigger bone and pull that out slowly. That trick turns that plate of wings into a faster feast.

Roast Chicken and Vegetables
Credit: alexandranova

Use Vegetables as an Edible Roasting Pan

Don't have a roasting pan for roasting a whole chicken? No need to spend any money on one. Instead, use chopped potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions as a "bed" under the chicken. As a bonus, they'll be cooking while the chicken is, and you have a side of tender, juicy, flavor-loaded vegetables to go with your chicken. Now this is the original sheet pan dinner!

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