The 90s Called, and They're Bringing Back Viennetta

The 'fancy' favorite dessert is back in stores for the first time in 30 years.

I know this won't be easy to hear, but 1991 was thirty years ago. Anything from before Y2K (and even after) is now fair game for a nostalgia-induced revival, especially at a time when the future feels more abstract and uncertain than ever.

Couple that with the newfound legitimacy of eating our feelings, and you have the perfect recipe for the unexpected yet welcome return of Viennetta.

For those who experienced it in its 90s heyday, the fancy-schmancy ice cream cake needs no introduction. For the unfamiliar, this wavy, vanilla ice cream cake drizzled in decadent chocolate was like a loaf of sweet, frozen goodness. A staple of birthdays and dinner parties, it epitomized the height of luxury that, unbeknownst to many children, could be just as easily acquired from the frozen food section as a bag of peas.

Viennetta Ice Cream Cake
Good Humor

While this sacred, shareable gift will functionally exist just as you remembered it, there's at least one small change to make note of. Whereas the Vienetta was once a Breyer's creation, it's now served under the Good Humor brand. It's worth noting that both brands are under the Unilever umbrella, however, so there's no real cause for alarm.

Though a press release lists birthdays, holidays, and barbecues as potential occasions for buying a Viennetta, I'd argue that the current state of the world means you should just go ahead and enjoy one whenever you feel like it. If the days are all starting to blur together or you long for a simpler time without your adult worries, opting for one of the classiest ice cream cakes you can find should surely do the trick.

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