By Carl Hanson

The cheeseburger! It's easily as American as apple pie. We love the simplicity of a basic cheeseburger from the grill, of course. But sometimes we want to gild the lily a little. And these cheeseburger recipes add a little something extra -- a spicy sauce, some over-the-top toppings, a secret stuffing -- because, sometimes, more of a good thing is just the right amount!

1. Sunnyside Burger with Chipotle Aioli

Put an egg on it! "The combination of the egg and the aioli makes this burger special," says Chef V. "Grab a few napkins, it can get deliciously messy! When assembling the burger I recommend you spread the aioli on the bottom bun so the top bun is available for the egg."

Photo by Jody

2. Juicy Lucy Burgers

The famous Juicy Lucy" says Cooking Mama. "A favorite of Minnesotans! Mmmm. So good. You MUST use American cheese on this to achieve the juiciness in the middle! I like sauteed mushrooms and onions on mine!"

Photo by bd.weld

3. Caprese Burger

"I am always looking for ways to jazz up the boring burger and came up with this after having a delicious caprese salad," says Sarah Stephan. "Be sure to use fresh basil and the marinated tomatoes are a must!"

Photo by KGora

4. Bronco Burger

Roasted jalapenos, Tabasco sauce, steak sauce, pepperjack cheese, and a secret ingredient make these burgers spicy and irresistible. "Oh, yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about!" says Mark Easter, "We may never grill staight-up burgers again. Outstanding!"

Photo by Jessica

5. Li'l Woody's Farmers Market Burger

"L'il Woody's executive chef Cory Alfano said he was inspired by the fresh flavors of summer when he created this burger served as a weekly special at the beloved Seattle restaurant," says Leslie Kelly. "Imagine a nice summer Pacific Northwest day and wanting to grill some burgers with friends. Super easy, just go down to your local farmers market and pick up some fresh ingredients from local purveyors to make an amazingly light but meaty late-afternoon grilled burger. Heirloom tomatoes, arugula, red onions, local cheese, and grass-fed beef make this 'Farmers Market Burger' a sure thing."

Photo by Leslie Kelly

6. Loaded Greek Burgers

"Tired of plain old 'burgers for summertime? Mix it up a bit by adding some classic Greek flavor: spinach, feta, roasted red pepper, and herbs...Yum!" says nickster. "Serve these burgers on a warm toasted Kaiser roll, with a delicious feta cheese spread, fresh lettuce, and tomato."

Photo by Angela F.

7. Juiciest Hamburgers Ever

"No more dry, lackluster burgers," says Jane. "These are juicy, and spices can be easily added or changed to suit anyone's taste. Baste frequently with your favorite BBQ sauce."

Photo by Samantha

8. Hamburguesas Mexicanas

These Mexican-inspired burgers are topped with pepperjack cheese, onions, homemade pico de gallo, and guacamole. "Definitely worthy of more than 5 stars!" raves Christina. "Served these on toasted buns. All of the flavors blended perfectly...DELICIOUS!"

Photo by bd.weld

9. Grilled Gorgonzola-Basil Burgers

"These burgers combine fresh basil, Gorgonzola cheese, and garlic, and it's easy enough for a quick and simple dinner. Serve them on toasted sourdough or ciabatta buns," says Caroline Anne. "I tasted these burgers in Athens, Georgia. They were so good that I made my own recipe."

Photo by lutzflcat

10. Cream Cheese Jalapeno Hamburgers

"These are the BEST burgers I've ever had," says Noelle C. "My mother made a version of these and I changed it a little...instead of Jalapeno peppers you can add ANYTHING or just do the cream're family and/or guests will BEG for the recipe!"

Photo by CookinBug

11. Cheddar Bacon Hamburgers with Horseradish

Horseradish adds a real zing to burgers with Cheddar cheese and bacon mixed right in. "I thought this was one of the best burgers I've in quite some time," raves Sheila LaLonde. "I followed the recipe, used sharp cheddar, adding some additional on top at the end. I used the bacon bits, which I thought added great flavor, along with the horseradish, which I felt was just the right amount."

Photo by Molly

12. Big Mac Clone

Two beef patties, special sauce, cheese, lettuce, pickles -- you know the drill! "We LOVED this!" raves Christina. " I made single burgers (Mac Jr.'s) and made my patties about 4 ounces each. The family flipped over these...they really did taste just like a Big Mac! YUM, YUM, YUM!"

Photo by Baking Nana

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