By Leslie Kelly

Vegetarians deserve more than salad.

It's potluck and barbecue season—and vegetarians? They're hungry, too. Give them something other than a salad! These vegetarian recipes are sure to be a hit with your family and friends, who follow Meatless Monday meal plans every day of the week.

1. Sublime Oxford Sandwich

Creamy goat cheese and sweet fig preserves are sandwiched with cucumber, tomatoes, red bell pepper, and fresh basil leaves. "This sandwich is a hit with my daughter who is a vegetarian," says Albion mom. "We are always looking for lunch ideas that suit her tastes and this recipe is spot on!! It's a wonderful summertime sandwich."

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2. Grilled Tofu Skewers With Sriracha Sauce

Tofu cubes soak up sweet hot sriracha sauce before getting skewered and grilled with summer vegetables. "Wow! This one should convert people to tofu! Very cheap to make, and a lot more filling than they look. And gorge all you like — they are really healthy!" — Qofcheez

3. Vegetable Cornish Pasties

Rave review: "My wife made these from the recipe. Being English, was a little nervous, but should not have been. These were wonderful." -- smkinnear

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4. Homemade Black Bean Veggie Burgers

Save money by making these homemade veggie patties that beat store-bought by a mile. Be sure to drain the black beans well and strain out extra moisture from the finely chopped onions and peppers before mashing them together so the patties will hold together. "I saw this recipe and with the many favorable comments decided to make it...LOVED IT!!!" — Closet Chef

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5. California Grilled Veggie Sandwich

"I came up with this recipe to entertain friends," says recipe submitter Heather Johnson. "Since I am a semi-vegetarian and love to BBQ, I am always inventing something new. The first time I made this, my meat-lover friends raved about this dish!" Watch the video to see how it all comes together.


6. Grilled Portobello With Basil Mayonnaise Sandwich

"I've made this recipe several times already this summer and it is delicious!" raves Keever. "The only change I made was not buttering the buns and toasting them on the grill. The mayo combo is so good I use it on other veggie sandwiches."

Photo by CookinBug

7. Delicious Herbed Spinach and Kale Balls

"Oh my goodness! It was amazing!" says lin. "Finally a way to have the husband and kids eat more green leafy vegetables! Without too much complaining! Definitely a keeper recipe! Thank you so much!"

8. Sean's Falafel and Cucumber Sauce

Here's how HEAVENSNT86 baked these instead of frying: "Preheat the oven at 400 degrees F. Spray the baking sheet and then the falafels with vegetable oil cooking spray. Bake 10 minutes, flip and spray again, then another 10 minutes. Then broil each side for 2 minutes. So good and much healthier!"

Photo by JOANNAH

9. Chef John's Almond Arugula Pesto

"I used this with spiralled zucchini and it is to die for," says Sly Nic. "The lack of dairy is interesting and appreciated."

10. Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable Sandwich

"This is truly a gourmet sandwich!!! I prepared the veggies a day in advance and was glad that I did because it gave the peppers a chance to release some of their juices which I then drained off. I also layered sauteed red onion on the sandwich and added chopped fresh basil to the mayo mixture. Very flavorful and will definitely make again." — SLAPPYSMOM

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