Save one for us.

Remember your favorite beverage from childhood? That creamy, sweet milkshake-like Yoo-Hoo that was a treat after school or some seriously good trading material in the lunchroom if you found one in your lunchbox? Of course, you can totally enjoy it as an adult — and it might be time to sip it again soon to celebrate the release of a new flavor, Vanilla Yoo-Hoo.

Spotted by Instagram account @snackstalker at Walmart, a vanilla flavored Yoo-hoo comes in a pack of 10 boxes, with just 100 calories per box. That's not so bad when you need to quench your thirst, and it has a good source of calcium and vitamin D (hello, strong bones!), so you can indulge in a classic staple from youth and still know you're feeding yourself well.

The design is pretty cute, too — there's a vanilla ice cream cone on the front. According to Instagram user @frontpagefoodfinds, it tastes just like a vanilla ice cream cone or milkshake you'd get to cool off and satisfy that sweet tooth.

Be sure to check your local Walmart for a box, and keep your eyes peeled for other retailers, which may begin to carry the new flavor, too. In the meantime, you can stock up on other Yoo-hoo flavors, like cookies and cream, strawberry, chocolate-strawberry, chocolate-caramel, and chocolate-peanut butter.