A sugary blast from the past.
Baby Bottle Pop
Credit: Hayley Sugg

With a commercial jingle that will quickly drive you to the cliffs of insanity, anyone growing up in the '90s remembers Baby Bottle Pops. The tune started winding around in my head in Walmart as soon as I saw a display for the candy brand's latest addition: Unicorn Glitter Berry.

For the sake of journalism, I purchased one, mildly uncomfortable putting the nipple-shaped treat on the conveyor belt. With a hard candy top and sweet powder filling inside (that as an adult I now realize is just straight up sugar), it's one of the few public displays of infantilism that's considered socially acceptable. Even then, I still warned my coworkers I was taste testing it before they barged in on my sucking on a Baby Bottle Pop.

The top of the Unicorn Glitter Berry Baby Bottle Pop features a pink and purple swirl with a pleasant fruity flavor. The inside of the bottle is "glittery" powder, which is reminiscent of confetti due to the multitude of colors. The mini handle for holding the candy is even swirled with pinks, blues, and yellows for an extra pop of brightness.

The Unicorn Glitter Berry Baby Bottle is a Walmart exclusive and is available in stores nationwide. Check near the cash registers to snag yourself one.

Overall, I'd say any kids who enjoy unicorns will probably get a kick out of this candy, and for adults we should just stick with eating a spoonful of sugar for a similar heart-racing effect that's achieved by eating a Baby Bottle Pop.

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